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Payment Policy

Payment may be made privately, or, if eligible, an insurance policy may cover a part of the fee. 

At the end of each appointment, clients receive instructions for electronic payment which is due at that time.



OPTION ONE: Paying Privately

  • $220          Initial appointment

  • $200          Follow up

  • $250          Business Consultations, Coaching, and After-Hours appointments (if available)


(Clients paying privately may skip to the bottom of this page and click to continue.)


OPTION TWO: Using an Insurance Policy

  • Having an insurance policy is not a guarantee of payment.

  • An insurance company may change benefit coverage amounts.

  • Clients who live in Texas, with coverage and benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, or Aetna may be eligible to have a portion of their fee paid for by their insurance policy. (Other insurance carriers, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), and Meritain are not accepted.)

  • Clients residing or receiving services outside the state of Texas will be served as a private pay client.

  • Insurance policies do not provide coverage for marriage, couple's, relationship or pre-marital counseling. If Marney is in your network, he can file a claim for Individual Counseling only, and only on a PRIMARY policy.

  • BEFORE your first appointment (or before your first appointment in the new year) you will need to call your insurance company directly to learn the answers to these questions:

    • "Am I eligible for mental health benefits, and if so what are my benefits for Individual Counseling on an outpatient basis?"

    • "Is Marney DeFoore, LCSW-S in my network?"

    • "Do I have a deductible and does it apply to these benefits? If so, please explain what that means for my estimated out of pocket expense."

    • "What are my co-payment and co-insurance payment requirements?"

  • Clients assign third-party benefits to Marney DeFoore, LCSW-S and authorize the release of information necessary for filing and managing insurance claims.

  • In all cases, if an insurance claim is denied or reclaimed, if a policy or benefit is secondary or out of network, if the client becomes ineligible for benefits or if the policy lapses or expires prior to the date of service, the client is then responsible for the Private Payment amount for that date(s) of service.

effective 10/12/2023

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